We would like to say a sincere and genuine thank you to Nicholas Catering for the wonderful job they did at our daughter's wedding reception at Leach Botanical Gardens on Saturday, February 13. Robert, Javier, and Alma were professional, helpful, courteous and engaging. They arrived on time and did a superb job of laying out the buffet, which was delicious! They thoroughly cleaned up the kitchen area afterward and left everything in perfect order. They were even kind enough to wrap up the leftover food so that we could take it with us. We are so impressed with the three of them and with Nicholas Catering. We will absolutely call on Nicholas' again and heartily recommend it to friends who are looking for a quality catering service. 

– Kathleen 

Nicholas cooks authentic Lebanese food
and it's one of the highlights at my wedding 

My husband and I recently used Nicholas as our wedding on-site catering provider and everyone was very pleased with their food and service. When we started shopping for catering vendor, my husband said "people care the most about wedding is food and wine!" Food is one of those things that lives the longest in people's memories. Nicholas' fresh vegetable and meat ingredients, traditional family recipes, great portion and reasonable pricing are the key deciding factors for us. We have to say Nicolas certainly delivered everything to or even beyond our expectation. During our planning process, Hilda, the owner, not just worked with us on the best options given our budget, but also offered many valuable advice on wedding reception in general.  She is experienced, beautiful, radiant and so easy to work with. So is her husband. My husband and I for sure will go back to dine at Nicolas often and celebrate our anniversaries over there!


Chad and I were together for five years up in Seattle.  We decided to part ways and try and figure out our lives, but remained friends through it all, communicating every so often.  He moved back to Portland, his hometown, and I stayed in Seattle.  We reunited face-to-face after three years when my family came up to Portland from California for my Father's 60th birthday.  Upon looking into each other's faces after so many years and spending an evening together, we understood just how much we had missed one another.  So, we decided to give it another shot and I started my relocation to Portland.  Before my move I had come down to spend the weekend with Chad and we stumbled into a dress shop in NE Portland where I found Sonia's dresses.  I decided to try one on just for fun.  We fell in love with it, and made a decision that if we ever got married, this would be the dressmaker!  I moved in with Chad in his home in the Clinton-Division neighborhood and found another dress shop just around the corner from us that also carried Sonia's dresses.  I felt this was serendipitous, and made another mental note.

Two and a half years later, Chad proposed.  I suppose after being with someone on and off for 11 years, you finally know - - there's no way we could ever be apart again.  I instantly remembered Urchin Re.Design, but also suddenly remembered my Mother's dress and how I always loved its hippie-gypsy style.  I knew it had to be done and how special it would be to wear my Mother's dress for her and me.  At first, Sonia didn't even want to touch it because she thought it was so beautiful, but I told her that this was really what I wanted to do, and she began the re-creation.

I am absolutely, supremely pleased beyond words with the outcome.  Sonia worked so hard on this re-design and it is so special to me and my Mom.  What a way to start a new chapter in my and Chad's life.  Uniqueness is only the beginning of describing Sonia's work.  She is truly an artist and it is just my style.  I am so glad I found her!

– Erin

Two years ago, we used Nicholas to cater our daughter's Bar Mitzvah party. The food was delicious, just as in the restaurant. They set up a beautiful buffet that was very plentiful The servers kept the buffet full and running smoothly. We had lots of compliments on the food from guests. When it came time to plan our son's Bar Mitzvah party this summer, we initially wanted to try something new. After looking (and tasting) around, we found that nothing compared to Nicholas for value, taste, and beauty. It has been a pleasure working with the staff of Nicholas'. Salam organized the first party and Hilda did the second, helping us come up with a menu that was very different from the first, and just as delicious. Again, guests raved. Both Hilda and Salam were professional, friendly, easy to work with, accommodating of change orders and sensitive to our needs. We will use your services again and continue to recommend your restaurants to our friends and family.

- Judy

Nicholas Restaurant did an excellent job for my wedding! My husband and I have always loved their food so we decided to have them cater our wedding.  The food was delicious and all of our guests raved about it. The staff was super friendly and did an excellent job of setting up and making sure the food was displayed nicely.  They were also very good about educating our guests on what all of the different items were. I would definitely use them for future events.


The party was perfect!  The setting was so beautiful, the music, seating, and lighting were perfect, and we all felt as if we're in a different world. Evelyn's service was spot on.  She kept checking with me for timing and was very sweet.  She did a great job keeping up with a pretty demanding group.
The food was great...delishious and plentiful.
The dancer was lovely!  She engaged everyone in the room and really transported us to another place.
I am recommending you to everyone I know.  The guests are telling me what a great party planner I am, but I'm giving you all the credit.  You made it so easy, and it was really affordable.  My dad said it was one of the best times in his life.  That was the goal!  I can't thank you enough.

Comments from the Crowd
...and thanks to Jo and Sean for planning such a great event in Jim's honor. It looked like he was having as much fun as were and I'm sure there are photos to prove it!

Wow, what a fun evening! Thanks, all, for making it so.  I'm happy we all had a chance to get up there with that cute belly dancer and try to make it look as easy as she did. We just needed some hand cymbals (among other things) to complete the effect.
Thank you so much for the exotic evening at Nicholas last night.
What a brilliant venue for your Dad's milestone birthday!
Jim was having a grand time and so were we.  We loved the decor, the food and wine, the company, and of course that dancer!

What a party!!!! You did an extraordinary job in making Jim's milestone birthday special and memorable. Watching him throughout the evening; the joy on his face...well, it was priceless. I especially loved his belly dancing, ha!

– Joanna

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