1. Hand sanitation station as you walk in for customers to use to feel safe. With hand sanitizer, gloves, lysol wipes, & tissue paper
  2. The door stays open at all times no door knobs to touch
  3. Credit card transaction taken over the phone/ online ordering.
  4. All our staff are wearing masks
  5. We spend 2 hours in the morning sanitizing everything that is touchable in the restaurant.
  6. The staff that bags your food are wearing gloves and they are designated only to stay in their station
  7. Hand washing throughout the day has become second nature for our staff.
  8. We sanitize every pen that the customer uses to sign for credit card transaction.
  9. We swipe your credit card with a tissue paper not our hands.
  10. Our kitchen staff practice all the high sanitation that has always been required by the health department.



  1. We will have the same sanitation rules as above.
  2. Hand sanitation station as you walk in.
  3. Servers wearing masks
  4. Disposable menus only
  5. Servers wearing new gloves as they bring down your food or drinks
  6. Servers will sanitize their hands after each cash or credit card transaction.
  7. All tables will be spaced 6 feet apart.
  8. We will start taking reservation to make sure there are not a lot of people clustered to be seated.
  9. We will make sure take out customers come in one at a time.
  10. Our front door will remain open with no doorknob contact.

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