The Banquet Room Facility is available for private events. A satellite bar available upon request. Located upstairs, the Banquet Room offers a modern Middle East setting with warm colors, arched windows and intimate lighting.

Seating a minimum of 20 guests up to 45, it can accommodate most small to medium size events and we do not charge a rental fee.

Do you want us exclusively?
Rent our entire restaurant facility and have your own private servers & bartenders! If you're interested in booking the Banquet Room Facility, for your next event, please call our sales office directly at:

3223 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

Mon-Thurs: 11am–9pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: Noon–9pm


A Unique Banquet Experience

Good for:
• Birthdays, Bah Mitzva, Bar Mitzva
• Banquets, Socials & Mixers
• Large Private Parties (seats 20-45 people)
• NO rental fees
• $26/person (minimum 20 people) *prices subject to change
• Includes private room and staff.

Please choose 6 of your favorite items off of the catering menu. Choose at least 2 main dishes.


Humus (GF)(VEG)(VGN) a blended garbanzo dip

Tabouli (GF)(VEG)(VGN) parsley tomato salad

Baba (GF)(VEG)(VGN) a blended eggplant dip

Falafel (GF)(VEG)(VGN) 2 pieces with taziki

Feta Plate (GF)

Taziki (GF) mixed yogurt & garlic dip

Tahini (GF)(VEG)(VGN) a blended sesame dip

Meat Grape Leaves (GF) 2 pieces

Veggie Grape Leaves (VEG)(VGN) 2 pieces

Veggie Tray (GF)(VEG)(VGN) with mushrooms

Toum (GF)(VEG)(VGN) a blended garlic dip

Garbonzo Dish (GF)(VEG)(VGN)

Lebanese Salad (GF)

Fruit Tray (GF)(VEG)(VGN)

Quinoa Kale Garbanzo Salad (GF)(VEG)(VGN)
Baby kale, green and red cabbage, quinoa, with our house made garlic, mint, basil, thyme dressing.

Fried Cauliflower, Eggplant & Zucchini (GF)(VEG)(VGN)
Large slices of cauliflower, eggplant and zucchini marinated with garlic lemon juice, olive oil and basil, deep fried, then dipped again in the same marinade, served with tahini.

Middle Eastern Rice:

Safron Flavored Jasmine Rice (VEG)(VGN)(GF)
Majadra (VEG)(VGN)(GF) Slow cooked brown lentils, jasmine rice, caramelized onions, olive oil, and crushed cumin.

Gourmet Middle Eastern Personal Pizzas:

Manakish Pizza (VEG)(VGN)
Thyme, oregano, sesame seeds, sumac, blended with olive oil, layered on dough. Baked in our authentic oven.

Kezzebah Pizza (VEG)(VGN)
Fresh cut onions, red bell peppers, garlic & tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, sumac & cayenne pepper. Then topped with fresh mint & thyme.

Shatta Pizza (VEG)(VGN)
Red hot pepper marinated in olive oil, mixed with onions & sesame seeds put on dough & baked in our authentic oven.

Habak Pizza
Fresh cut basil, stirred with butter and then layered with fresh slices of garlic all spread together, put on dough & baked. Garnished with tomato and parsley.

Spinach Pie (VEG)(VGN)
Fresh cut spinach marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, onions, pine nuts & secret spices

Phonecian Pizza
Ground beef with tomatoes, onions, parsley and secret spices.

Sambousik Feta Cheese or Spinach
Personal samosas filled with motzerella & feta cheese, or spinach, lemon juice, olive oil, basil, parsley, onions, & paprika. Choose baked or fried!

Sambousik Ground Beef
Personal samosas filled with ground beef, lemon juice, olive oil, basil, parsley, onions, & paprika. Served with tahziki. Choose baked or fried!

Lebanese Cheese Pizza

Lamb Pie (add $1.50/ person)

Lebanese Sassage Pizza

Chicken Kabab Pizza

Main Dishes:

Kibbeh Balls (add $1.50/ person)
Spheres of ground lamb & bulgar stuffed with pine nuts & onion then quick fried.

Kibbeh Tray
Bulgar dough filled with lamb, pine nuts, onions and special spices, oven roasted served with taziki sauce. (add $1.50/ person)

Kibbeh Batta (VEG)(VGN)
Vegan kibbah made with bulgar wheat sauteed onions & potatoes mixed together with our special herbs & spices. Filled with pine nuts & walnuts. Served with tahini.

Majadra (VEG)(VGN)(GF)
Brown lentils carefully cooked with rice olive oil, and our secret spices then layered with carmelized onions and a sprinkle of cumin.

Gratin Tray
A Lebanese lasagna style dish filled with chicken, homemade cream sauce, & three cheeses. Served with taziki.

Green okra served with lamb in our fresh tomato sauce, onions, cilantro, fresh garlic & mint. (Ask for Vegan!) (add $1.50/ person for lamb)

Delicious green beans with lamb in our fresh tomato sauce, onions, cilantro, fresh garlic & mint. (Ask for Vegan!)

Egyptian smoked rice cooked with chicken, beef, pine nuts, almonds, herbs, spices & taziki.


Veggie Kabab

Chicken Kabab

Ground Top Sirloin Beef Kebab

Lamb Kabab (add $1.50/ person)

Salmon or Shrimp Kabab (add $1/person for 3 & 5 items option) (add $1.50/ person)

Sandwich Platters:

(cut into small personal pieces)

Lamb Shwarma Sandwiches

Falafel Sandwiches

Gyros Sandwiches

Chicken Shwarma Sandwiches

Grilled Breaded Chicken Sandwiches

Kafta Sandwiches

Labney Sandwiches (blended yoghurt cheese)

Veggie Sandwiches


Number of people:




Hot or Iced Tea $17.00
Lemonade $17.00
Strawberry Lemonade $17.00
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist $17.00
Bottled water (12oz) $17.00
Turkish Coffee $17.00
Iced Turkish Coffee $17.00
Mint & Cinnamon Black Tea $17.00
Fresh Blended Peach Juice (12oz) (contains cream) $22.25
Jalab Date Juice (12oz)
with soda, rose water & pines nuts
Kiwi Blended Smoothie
Kiwi blended with freshly squeezed lemons, a drop of rose water & almond syrup. (12oz)
Pomegranate Juice (12oz)
with rose water & almond syrup
Strawberry Yogurt Drink (12oz) $22.25 $44.25 $66.25

Delightful & Delicious Desserts:

Desserts are handmade from traditional family recipies

Number of people:




Baklava $24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Almond Milk Pudding $24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Chocolate Mango Cheesecake $24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Chocolate Layered Torte $24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Rice Pudding (GF) $24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Ghrabe (almond butter cookies) $24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Saffouf (vegan cakes) $24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Riz De Halleb:
Lebanese style rice pudding layered with shredded coconut & pistachios, garnished with whipped cream.
$24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Knafa be Jibnay:
Phila dough shredded then stuffed with homemade sweet ashta cheese & layered with syrup.
$24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Layered Custard:
Chocolate & vanilla custard with traditional sweet flavors & honey. A Family Recipe!
$24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Kiwi Blended Smoothie
Kiwi blended with freshly squeezed lemons, a drop of rose water & almond syrup. (12oz)
$24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Pomegranate Juice (12oz)
with rose water & almond syrup
$24.25 $48.50 $72.50
Strawberry Yogurt Drink (12oz) $24.25 $48.50 $72.50


Paper Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons, Napkins complimentary

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