Delightful Delicious Desserts

All of our delightful desserts are handmade from traditional recipes.
  • Baklava

    • $4

    Honey walnuts, pistachios rolled up in a crisp phyllo dough.


  • Baklava Pistachio Cake (Gresham & Grand)

    • $8
  • Salted Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Baklava (Gresham & Grand)

    • $6.75
  • Riz De Halleb (rice pudding)

    • $6

    Amazing, rich, creamy and thick Lebanese style rice pudding, layered with pistachios and whipped cream.

  • Knafa be Jibnay

    • $7

    Lebanese style sweet cream cheesecake shredded then stuffed with homemade sweet ashta cheese & layered with phyllo dough pistachios and our sweet homemade syrup.

  • Turkish Coffee Sesame Butter Chocolate Cake (GF) (Grand only)

    • $8

    Made from scratch! Alternating layers of amazing Gluten Free Chocolate cake with Sesame Butter mousse, topped with coconut garnish and chocolate shavings... A Must Try!



    • $6

    This luscious dessert is made with mocha and chocolate mousse, topped with mocha whipped cream.

  • Strawberry Panna Cotta (Gresham Only)

    • $4

    A sweet gelatin thickened cream custard with strawberry puree and topped with fresh strawberries.

  • Turkish Coffee -OR- Iced Turkish Coffee

    • $4
  • Local French Press Coffee (Gresham Only)

    • $3

    Made fresh to order with coffee from local roasters. A great compliment to our delicious desserts.

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