Quick Catering Package

Nicholas Restaurant Quick Catering Package
For personal or corporate events...





Includes: dessert, drinks and all eating and serving utensils
Vegan, gluten free and vegetarian packages available (Please ask)

For Pick-up Orders Only!

For more info:

Nicholas general email: nicholascaters@gmail.com
Catering Office Phone: (503) 512-7488

An added 18% Gratuity will be added to package price. 

*All prices subject to change based on availability.

Nicholas provides nourishing meals made from scratch with the highest quality fresh and local sessional ingredients.

Quick Catering Package includes:

Saffron Rice, Lebanese Salad (with feta), Chicken Kabobs, Lamb Kabobs, Hummus, Falafel, Baklava, side of hot sauce and tahziki. Your choice of Drinks (Canned Sodas, Bottled waters, In-House Lemonade or In-House Iced Tea)


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